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Pikachu app is the best entertainment platform across the web, You get a variety of entertainment at one stop and one click. So download the Pikachu app now from our website.

In today’s world, the type of content that is most consumed by users is video content whether its some Educational videos or any entertainment videos but it’s hard to find all this content in one place and one place and with one click.

Check the stats on Video Consumption and how it has grown in recent times. Read Here.

But this is no longer a problem because you have all this content for you whether you want to watch live TV or premium movies or web series. It got you covered all.

Pikachu App, Pikachu Apk, Pikachu App download, Picasso, Piacashow
AppPikachu App
Required OS4.4 & Above
Size72 mb
Version Latest 2023
Updated1 Day Ago

About Pikachu App

The Pikachu apk is the best for the entertainment lover, A wide range of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, The latest web series, and also a live TV for all. That’s why it is considered to be the best in the market as it delivers all the premium content at no cost.

It not only has premium content but also has plenty of premium features that its competitors lack. And this is what makes it ahead in the competition.

Pikachu App Features

Pikachu App, Pikachu Apk, Pikachu App download, Picasso App, Pikashow App

Simple UI –

The UI gives a clean and smooth experience so that the app becomes more handy and becomes very easy to operate.

HD video quality –

It offers high video quality so that you do not have to worry about image quality.

Variety of Content –

Various content is available on the app, so there is no chance of getting bored.

Live TV –

Want to watch live TV? here it is just download it and take the seamless experience of streaming of your favorite channel.

Adjustable Stereo & Brightness

Simply adjust the brightness or audio by scrolling your fingers on the screen. Scrolling fingers upward & downward on the right side of the screen for audio and the left side of the screen for brightness control.

Download option –

Want to watch content offline, Pikachu Apk gives you that facility also so no need to worry about data consumption through online streaming.

AD Free

No Ads going to hinder you whether you are watching live TV or any other content. Go seamless as nothing going to hinder you at all.

No Penny to spend

The App is completely available for everyone at no cost. It means no need to spend any money on anything.

Pikachu App ScreenShots

Pikachu App Installation Guide

Download Pikachu Apk by clicking on the download button from Pikachuapp.co

Once downloaded from the direct downloading link it’s time to change some settings.

Open your phone settings, Settings> Security Option > Enable Unknown sources. In order to support the file.

Now, Simply launch the downloaded file.

The app will ask for some permission such as Media & Gallery, and Enalable to perform its functions.

Once all the things are done, Enjoy the content.

Pikachu App Common Issues

In many apps, there are some issues present, Such as lagging, loading, Shutting down automatically, or any other features not working properly Users of the Picasso Pikachu app can also face some minor issues that are addressed below with the solutions.

  • Loading Issue:- The app can load for a long time after opening. It is due to the app being outdated and you need to update the app or download Pikachu app latest version from our website.
  • Lagging:- The app is lagging due to its cache being increased. Simply clear the cache to resolve the problem.
  • Shutting down automatically:- It means the app is affected by viruses. you need to uninstall the application and download the latest version from our website.

These are some common issues in the Pikachu Application that users can easily resolve by themselves.

Pikachu App Alternatives

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Amazon Prime is among the top OTT Platforms, Where the content is available in bulk.


One of the leading Video streaming platforms across the web, Where you can enjoy the next level of content.

Disney+ Hotstar

Best platform for live TV and Cricket lovers to look for.


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Best for TV lovers because it has a huge amount of content in this category.


What is Pikachu Apk?

Is it safe to use the Pikachu app?

Do I need to login to use Pikachu App?

Does the Pikachu app support IOS?

No Pikachu App doesn’t run on IOS. It’s for Android users only.


After reading all info about above, It is clear that the Pikachu app is one of the best online video streaming platforms present on the internet. Also, I hope I have given you all the necessary information about the Pikachu Application. If you like our work kindly share it with your friends and family to keep us motivated. All future updates of the Pikachu app will be notified on our website Pikachuapp.co, Kindly keep checking for future updates.


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